Intern: Climate Finance

This position reports to the Manager - Climate Finance and Sustainability Division.


Reporting to the Climate Finance and Sustainability Manager, the job requires the incumbent to provide technical support to Bank clients in developing Concept Notes and full-scale Funding Proposals meeting the GCF’s requirements.

The job includes the following specific responsibilities:

  • Developing GCF project Concept Notes and full project proposals for Bank
  • Developing and keeping updated guidelines for reviewing client Concept Notes
  • Reviewing client project Concept Notes and assisting them to develop full project proposals
  • Keeping records of Concept Notes and project proposals received from client
  • Ensuring that project proposals adhere to the GCF’s investment criteria
  • Assisting Bank clients to access climate finance from other sources apart from the GCF and ensuring that the investment criteria for such sources is adhered to


A holder of a post graduate degree in Climate Sciences, Economics; Development Finance/Climate Finance or related disciplines, with at least 2 years’ working experience.

Interested applicants should submit their applications together with detailed Curriculum Vitae by not later than 16:00 hours on Monday 25 July 2022.

To be considered, interested candidates are requested to forward their applications to:

Acting Director Corporate Services and Human Resources Department

IDBZ House

99 Gamal Abdel Nasser Road

Harare or email

Posted Date: 
Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Monday, July 25, 2022
Intern: Climate Finance