Board of Directors

Joseph Mutizwa

Board Chairman

Mr Joseph S. Mutizwa is a renowned Zimbabwean business executive. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Delta Corporation Limited between April 2002 to May 2012. Mr Mutizwa was involved in the demerger and unbundling of the non-beverages business between 2000 and 2001 and subsequently presided over the consolidation and refocus of the beverage’s businesses under Delta Beverages. He also played a key role in Delta Corporation Limited’s business recovery since the introduction of the multi-currency system in the Zimbabwean economy. He sits on a number of Boards as Non-Executive Director. He is also a member of the Presidential Advisory Council.

Mr Mutizwa holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) Social Science degree from the London School of Economics, an M.Sc. in Consulting and Coaching for Change from HEC- Paris and Oxford University and an MBA degree from the University of Zimbabwe and has attended the Senior Executive Programme at the London Business School.

Dr Kupikile Mlambo

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Mlambo is a renowned economist. Currently, he is the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, appointed in July 2012. As Deputy Governor, he is also a member of the RBZ Board of Directors. Dr Mlambo joined the RBZ from the African Development Bank where he rose from the rank of Senior Economist in 1997 to the post of Regional Director in January 2012. He was in charge of country strategy formulation, country portfolio programming and management as well as leading policy dialogue in 7 countries in East Africa. Dr Mlambo’s areas of expertise include macro-economic and exchange rate policy, economic growth, finance, investment, and productivity growth and efficiency analysis. He has published papers in referred journals.

He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Gothenburg University is Sweden an M.Sc.  Economics from the University of Zimbabwe.

Sibusisiwe Precious Bango

Non-Executive Director

Ms Bango is a renowned business leader with in-depth entrepreneurial skills. Currently she is Executive Director for Empretec Zimbabwe. She has detailed and expansive national, regional and international work, competences and experience spanning over 25 years in the private, public and NGO, development sectors, donors and UN agencies, the World Bank, and bi – lateral agencies. She has worked in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (Eastern, Southern and Western) and exposure in South American countries and the Caribbean.

Ms Bango holds a BBS (Hons.), MBA (Marketing & Finance) and is currently pursing a doctoral degree in Enterprise Development.

Reginald Mugwara

Non-Executive Director

Reginald is a renowned financial economist. He is currently a director at the Trustee to The Mothers of Solar Trust, an NGO for the green economy.  He is also a Director at R&B Financial Services, with his role being to provide demand driven technical and advisory services in economic and financial development solutions.

Mr Mugwara has worked with international development cooperating partners at multilateral, bilateral and NGO levels in support of national and regional projects and programmes.  He has over fifteen years extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of agriculture and rural development, policy analysis, trade and institutional development, and capacity building in the SADC region. He has been responsible for the coordination, formulation, and implementation and monitoring of the SADC Regional Food Security Programme.

During his tenure, he had overall responsibility of a team over 25 international and regional professional staff consisting of agricultural economists, agro-statisticians, meteorologists remote sensing, nutritionists and other experts in the following irrigation, crop, seeds, livestock, communication, trade, database experts who implemented the programme.

Mr Mugwara holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics (London), and M.A - Political Economy (York).

Dr. Norbert Mugwagwa

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Nobert Mugwagwa is a Human Development (HD) practitioner, who uses his academic training, accumulated knowledge and experience to collaborate with governments at national and sub-national levels, and with households, communities and private sector actors to develop social sector investment strategies, policies, plans, instruments and management approaches that benefit a country's citizens.

In social protection and labour, he is highly regarded as he uses proven community driven development approaches such as direct financing, conditional and unconditional cash transfers, to invest in service access for the disadvantaged. By employing effective implementation strategies, He focuses on tackling service quality constraints by creating strong institutions (including in the private sector) that support community actions to improve safety nets coverage.

Dr Mugwagwa is also a health sector planner and management specialist who has designed and introduced health systems and management approaches as: Director of Planning and Director of Nutrition in the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health, Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Family Planning Program, and Task Manager and Team Leader for World Bank HNP programs in East Central and Southern Africa for more than ten years.  He also handled innovative work with the World Bank design, preparation, appraisal and management of investment projects; and orientation of Teams in the public, civil society and private sector to work on them with beneficiary households to implement and manage programs and projects at community, sub-national and national level.

Dr. Mugwagwa holds an ICSA Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration/Health, a M.Sc. in Public Policy/Health and a Ph.D. Planning & Management of Health (Aston University Management Centre-UK)

Jeremiah Mutonga

Non-Executive Director

Jerry is a chartered accountant with a career spanning over 34 years. Jerry has worked in the private sector in Zimbabwe and in international development banking in various African Countries. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant following Articles of Clerkship with Price Waterhouse Coopers, he joined Chemplex Corporation as the Group Accountant. From Chemplex he joined the African Development Bank (AfDB) where he held various supervisory and managerial positions. His work involved leading teams in undertaking either desk studies or field missions and preparing documents for consideration by senior management or the Board of Directors of the AfDB or High-Level panels of development agencies. For example, he represented the AfDB on the multilateral development banks’ group of experts who prepared the Rome and then the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. As a manager in the AfDB he headed the Financial Management function comprising 26 Financial Experts in ensuring prudential safeguards in the bank’s lending operations. For the last 7 years of his career at the AfDB, he worked as the bank’s Resident Representative in Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda. In line with Bank policy, he was appointed as the alternate AfDB Board of Director for Shelter Afrique and East African Development Bank. Throughout his career in the AfDB he led multicultural and multilinguistic teams and undertook several complex and challenging assignments that entailed discussions with various stakeholders including senior government officials from donor as well as aid recipient countries.

Mr Mutonga holds a B.Acc (Hon) Degree (UZ) and is a qualified Chartered Accountant (ICAZ).

Tadios Muzoroza

Non-Executive Director

Ted is a mining, energy and resources lawyer and expert.  In addition to being a Consultant for Sengwe Law Chambers, Ted is a Commissioner and Deputy Chairperson for the Zimbabwe Land Commission (ZLC).  As ZLC Deputy Chairperson, he is part of a team responsible for the overall management and strategic thrust of the Land Commission, to ensure the mandate of the Commission as provided for under Section 297 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act 2013 is fulfilled.  This mandate entails ensuring accountability, transparency and fairness in the administration of agricultural land vested in the state, investigating and resolving land disputes, land audit as well as advising government on land management and administration issues.  He chairs the Legal and Governance Committee of the ZLC.

As a lawyer his work spans mining and energy law and policy; drafting mining agreements; power purchase agreements; and procurement and supply contractual agreements.  Further, whilst based in England, he successfully initiated and implemented a diaspora mortgage facility for Zimbabweans through a London based Representative Office, on behalf of Intermarket Building Society.  He also consulted for Kaiser Associates (Cape Town) working on a World Bank project on “Increasing local procurement by the mining industry in Zimbabwe” as well as carrying out consultancy and advisory work on the recapitalization of a dually listed local coal mining company.  He single-handedly drafted the project information memorandum (PIM) which was accepted as bankable by the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DABSA).

Ted sits on the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) board and he chairs the Human Resources and Governance Committee and is a member of the Petroleum Committee and Audit and Risk Committee.

Commissioner Ted Muzoroza holds a BSc (Hons) Psychology Degree (Lon); LL. B (Hons) (Lon) and LL.M in International Trade and Investment Law in Africa (UP).

Thomas Zondo Sakala

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Zondo Sakala is an experienced Development Banker. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) and an M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. He was appointed the CEO of the IDBZ in September 2015. He has worked in, and with, African Countries all through his professional career. He left the African Development Bank (AfDB) in October 2014 after a career spanning 31 years and acquired a broad network of contacts, which aspect is invaluable in the Bank`s resource mobilization initiatives. His last official position was Vice President, Country and Regional Programmes. As Vice-President for Programmes in the AfDB, he had broad oversight of the dialogue between the Bank and all African countries. His responsibilities included coordination of the preparation and approval of the country and regional strategies and programmes in Africa.

Previously he had held such positions as Manager, Social Sector & Microfinance Projects in East Africa; Manager, Education Projects for North, East and Southern Africa; Resident Representative in Nigeria; Director, Reforms Implementation; Director, Programming, Budget and Strategy; and, Acting Vice President, Corporate Services.