Welcome to Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ)

The IDBZ was formed on the 31st of August 2005, taking over the assets and liabilities of the former Zimbabwe Development Bank (“ZDB”). It was primarily set up as a vehicle for the promotion of economic development and growth, and improvement of the living standards of Zimbabweans through the development of infrastructure, which includes but not limited to energy, transport, water and sanitation, information communication technology (ICT) and housing.


Featured Idbz Projects

  • Date Posted : 29 Jul 2021
    Water & Sanitation

    River basins in Zimbabwe are undergoing tremendous changes arising from various land uses that are competing for space and are often conflicting. Basins that host the major urban settlements are particularly at risk from a wide range of land uses such as urban agriculture, residential, industrial and road construction that exist, while other developments are being proposed.

  • Date Posted : 11 Mar 2021
    ​Energy & Power Supply

    Renewable energy is critical in the advancement of economic development, through improving energy security and access, and mitigating climate change.

  • Date Posted : 22 Jun 2020

    Baobab – Kariba stands now selling

  • Date Posted : 22 Jun 2020

    Elizabeth Park - Ruwa Stands now selling

  • Date Posted : 22 Jun 2020

    From the intersection of Harare Drive and Second Street Extension proceed along Harare Drive and to the left side after the Manzil residential area there is an open space which is the Sumben project location.

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Welcome to Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ)

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